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  • Congrats to Gal, Einav, Reut, and Elinor on their acceptance to various conferences, including SAS, SOBP, ISCOP and ISBP!

  • Congrats to Elinor, for winning the early stage PhD award, granted by the Anna-Yael fund! 


As the name suggests, the lab focuses on the interactions between cognition and emotion. For instance, we study various cognitive biases (e.g. attention, expectancy, perception) and their causal interactions with different emotions and disorders (e.g. specific phobias, social anxiety, depression, general anxiety). We examine how various factors modulate our behavioral, neural and autonomic reactions to emotional information. To this end, we combine paradigms derived from cognitive psychology, neuroimaging techniques, event-related potentials recordings, autonomic measures, personality questionnaires and advanced analysis methods. We implement this multi-method approach to understand the complexity of the neuro-cognitive mechanisms at the basis of emotion reactivity and control.

Source of homepage picture: Pixabay.


PI: Dr. Hadas Okon-Singer:


Lab manager: Nur Givon-Benjio:


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